SolidModel USA


Intuitive Cloud-bases Business Process Automation software that allows you to quickly create, map and manage any process...                           

Processes can be built on the fly, with templates and/or use pre-defined processes

Secure cloud product – no installation

Easy to use – as easy as sending an email

Ability to route and view 3D files (3D .pdf / any 3D CAD) any 2D documents, images & videos. Recipients can view all file formats directly in the cloud

Turn manual and other serial processes into more effective parallel managed and controlled processes

Access Kenesto on mobile devices

Manage Your Business Processes Inside and Outside of Your Product Design Environment

Engineering Change Orders (ECOs / ECNs) Made Easy

Convert your Paper ECO Process with multiple serial steps into an Automated Process with only one or two parallel activities. Have visibility into the entire process, identify bottlenecks, and alleviate your ECO / ECN headaches.

Requests for Quotes (RFQs) - Easily Manage Vendor Activities

Quickly automate your current RFQ process to allow for communication with all vendors. See exactly where everyone is in the process and control all documents and models you send outside of your company. 

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