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Solido SD300 Pro 3D Printer: Desktop Rapid Prototyping for Quality CAD Models

Introducing the SD300 Pro by Solido: Print your solid model design concepts with an affordable high quality rapid prototyping 3D Printer- for product and part design engineers

3D Printing for Rapid Prototyping of Solid Model Design Concepts Made Easy 

Solido SD300 3D Printers for rapid prototyping allow you to build your 3D solid model designs right at your desktop according to standard 3D CAD software specifications. Ideal for product and part designers, engineering firms and engineering students, Solido 3D Printers streamline the prototyping process allowing for solid model prototype review and revision in every phase of 3D model design in a fraction of the time and cost.

Bring Your Rapid Prototyping Process In-House to Save Time and Money

Known for its ease of use and quality solid models, the SD300 3D Printer allows you to bring your 3D prototyping process in house, saving time and money, enabling you to maintain more control over the timeframe required and the overall process from product concept modeling to final product.

3D Printing Process Uses CAD Data in STL File Format for Solid Models

The SD300 operates directly from your CAD data, building your prototype model design one micro-layer (0.168 mm) at a time, offering a level of detail previously available only through larger and more costly 3D printers. Priced under $10K, the SD300 puts 3D printing within reach of the product and part design engineer that desires the quality of larger 3D printers without the added cost  hiring a prototyping  tech team, or the added time of outsourcing. Additionally the 3D model build process produces no hazardous byproducts that require special disposal.

3D Prototyped Parts Printed, Assembled, and Presented at Low Cost

This revolutionary desktop 3D printer produces detailed, accurate solid models that can be snapped together, fastened, screwed in place, or assembled with other printed prototype parts and finished for final presentation. The 3D printer material flexibility allows for machining, drilling, and finishing as needed after your prototype is printed. As an added benefit, the transparent build material allows you to see how the parts fit together inside the solid model itself without cutting a cross-section in the prototype. SD300 prototyped parts demonstrate a premier level of durability, showing no degradation or distortion of shape over time. The SD300 3D Printer materials and supplies can be re-ordered as needed and are fully recyclable.

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The Solido SD300 3D Printer: Making rapid prototyping, product and part design, and the prototype review and revision process affordable for all 3D designers and product engineers.


3D Printing Video Showing Ease of Use and CAD Design Prototyping Process 

The video includes the basics of the SD300 3D Printer set-up and ease of installation of the 3D printer materials and supplies needed to build your solid model from start to finish.



Solido SD300 Pro Rapid Prototyping 3D Printer Specifications

Technology: 3D printing - Plastic Sheet Lamination




Build Material: Engineered Plastic
Material color: Amber transparent, Red, Blue, Black and Cream
Accuracy: +/- 0.003937” (+/-0.1 mm) (XY)
Layer thickness: 0.006614” (0.168 mm) (Z)
Maximum model size: 6.30” X 8.26” X 5.31” (XYZ)
Dimensions: 18.31" W x 30.31” L x 16.53” H
Weight without cartridge and roll: ~ 79 lbs.  (36 Kg)
Weight with cartridge and roll: ~ 100 lbs.  (45 Kg)
Power consumption: 620W (maximum power, in process) 
100-120 / 200-240VAC
50/60 Hz.
Operating temperature: 18ºc to 35ºc
Sound level: Max 65 db(A)
Max ambient humidity: 80% Relative Humidity
Software & Requirements
Input File Formats Supported: STL
Output File Supported: SDM (Proprietary)
Platforms Supported: Windows 2000, XP
Processor: Pentium IV, 1500Mhz
RAM: 256MB
HD: 10MB
Interface: USB