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Objet Eden


Overview - Eden 3D Printers

Eden 3-Dimensional Printing Systems offer unprecedented return on investment (ROI) for professional rapid prototyping applications. Printing with the high accuracy of ultrathin 16µ layers, all Eden systems produce models with exceptionally fine details and smooth surfaces.  

With the Eden 3-Dimensional Printing Systems family, you can select the system that best fits your needs, whether in build size, productivity or budget requirements. The compact design and the clean process of all Eden systems makes them ideal for any office environment.

Easy Upgrade to Objet Connex
All Objet EdenV 3D Printers can be upgraded to the latest Objet Connex multi-material 3D printing technology. 

The Eden Family includes:

  • Objet Eden500V™
  • Objet Eden350/350V™
  • Objet Eden260V™
  • Objet Eden250™